Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Pancakes in Japan: Bills

Located in Shichirigahama - about 1.5 hours away from central Tokyo on the train, and one stop before the (in)famous Enoshima, THE beach located to the south of Tokyo, to which Tokyoites schlep to enjoy the expanses of volcanic sand, dirty water, and occasional view of Mt. Fuji (see below) during the hot and humid Japanese summer - Bills offers probably the best pancakes and scrambled eggs in the whole of Japan, period.

Eating these incredibly fluffy, tasty, and filling pancakes and scrambled eggs facing the beach is an experience worth dying for if you're in the Tokyo area. I recommend, however, trekking down there any time EXCEPT summer, when it's impossible to get seating. They take reservations only for dinner,so expect to wait 30-45 minutes for breakfast or lunch. and the waiters are always haughty and occasionally rude, so don't expect to get the same level of customer service you'd expect elsewhere.

The pancakes have ricotta cheese as filling and cost 1,400 yen (about $15), and the scrambled eggs with toasts 1,200 yen (about $11).

Their burger, despite its price (2,000 yen/$18), isn't all that, and their drinks, especially fruit juice, are way too small and not worth the price. Just get the pancakes and scrambled eggs, enjoy them with the scenery, and call it a day.

Too far? Don't worry, on March 27th, they'll be opening another restaurant in The Red Brick House (横浜赤レンガ) in Minato-mirai, Yokohama (a famous dating spot about 30-40 minutes away from central Tokyo).

Read more about Bills.

The island to the left is Enoshima, and the snow-capped mountain to the right is Mt. Fuji:

The location. The sign with "409" is Tokyo, and "A" is where Bills is located:


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