Monday, December 29, 2008

A tool for creativity

Being the pretentious snob that I am, I've always carried a slick leather-bound Moleskine notebook to write down my thoughts and ideas since college. But recently I realized that ironically it's the slickness that ruins creativity.

I churn out better ideas when I'm doodling on a cheap notepad or a torn sheet of paper. Why? Because on a Moleskine page, you don't want to make it all messy. You want to have something cool written down without any waste. It's hard to describe but creative ideas come when you let go and jot down whatever comes to your mind. Neat, creative ideas rarely come pre-packaged. So a napkin or a sheet of paper is a perfect place to let your thoughts unleash and produce great ideas.

Moleskine is nice and elegant. I love it. But the book of my choice when brainstorming is a plain spiral notebook.

Try and see the difference. You'll probably use up more pages but at the end of the day have at least a few good ideas to work with.

It's all psychological. Pick a cheap notebook for your ideas. 

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